If you’re unable to turn on your LUMI Keys Studio Edition, please be assured that your unit is recoverable but the battery needs to fully discharge to perform a master reset. Carefully read all the steps below before you try turning on your LUMI again.

Connect your LUMI to a power supply and press the power button for a few seconds. If your unit turns on, proceed with the firmware update as described in the link below:

Updating LUMI Keys firmware using ROLI Dashboard

If your LUMI doesn’t turn on, please leave the unit disconnected from power for 7 days, then:

  • After 7 days, connect your LUMI to a power supply and see if it turns on

  • If your unit turns on, leave it connected to power, then update the firmware following the relevant link above

  • If your LUMI doesn’t turn on immediately, disconnect the USB cable (leave it disconnected) and contact the Support Team who will assist you further

Following this process is the quickest way to get your LUMI Keys Studio Edition up and running.