This guide will show you what to do if ROLI Connect or ROLI Dashboard show the "Unable to start the ROLI Hardware Driver" error. 

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If the ROLI Hardware Driver is not running, you may see one or both of the following errors:

  1. ROLI Connect cannot install an application and shows a red banner with an error message.
  2. ROLI Dashboard does not progress past the splash screen and shows an error message.

Driver error in Connect

Driver error in Dashboard


This issue lies in the permission set when installing the software. This should be resolvable by removing Connect and then installing and running the latest version as an administrator. 

Please carefully follow the steps below, exactly as they are stated:


1. Open "Add or Remove Programs" and uninstall all versions of ROLI Connect and ROLI Dashboard currently installed.
2. Download a new installer from here: 
3. Right-click on the installer icon
4. Go to Properties > Compatibility
5. Select "Run this program as an Administrator"
6. After Connect is installed, right-click on the application icon and make sure it is also set to "Run this program as an administrator"
7. Restart your computer


Please be aware that these steps may require any other software you've installed via ROLI Connect to be installed again, which you can do so from the ROLI Connect 'Apps' tab.

Please carefully follow the steps below, exactly as they are stated:

1. Quit ROLI Connect and open a Finder window
2. Hold Alt and select "Go -> Library" in the menubar at the top of the screen
3. Navigate to /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/rpkg
4. Delete the 'db' folder
5. Select "Go" again from the menubar at the top of the screen
6. Select "Go to Folder..."
7. Copy and paste the following into the search bar: /var/db
8. Delete the 'rpkg' folder
9. Launch ROLI Connect and attempt to install the software again.

Need more help?

After following these steps, you should find that ROLI Connect and/or ROLI Dashboard do not produce the same errors as before. If they do, or if you experience any other issues with ROLI Hardware Driver, please speak to our support team.