This guide will show you what to do if ROLI Connect or ROLI Dashboard show the "Unable to start the ROLI Hardware Driver" error. 

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If the ROLI Hardware Driver is not running, this can cause issues with other ROLI software. This issue can manifest in two ways.

  1. ROLI Connect cannot install an application and shows a red banner with an error message.
  2. ROLI Dashboard does not progress past the splash screen and shows an error message.

Driver error in Connect

Driver error in Dashboard


Restart the driver using Services (Windows) or reinstall it using ROLI Connect (Mac).


  1. Click the search box near the Start button and type "services." Then, click or tap the search result with the same name.
  2. Scroll down to find "ROLI Hardware Driver"
  3. Right-click and click "restart"


  1. Quit ROLI Connect from the application's menu.
  2. Open Terminal (from Spotlight Search or Applications > Utilities).
  3. Copy and paste the following line and hit Enter:
    1. HIDE_APPS=0 /Applications/ROLI\\ Connect
  4. When Connect relaunches, under My Software, find "ROLI Hardware Driver" and click "Uninstall".
  5. Open Activity Monitor (from Spotlight Search or Applications > Utilities) to check the driver is not running. 
  6. Reinstall the ROLI Hardware Driver in ROLI Connect.
  7. After installation is complete, check that the driver is running in Activity Monitor.
  8. Quit Terminal and click Terminate.
  9. Relaunch ROLI Connect from Applications. 


Need more help?

After following these steps, you should find that ROLI Connect and/or ROLI Dashboard do not produce the same errors as before. If they do, or if you experience any other issues with ROLI Hardware Driver, please speak to our support team.