If you find that some presets in ROLI Studio Player are not producing any sound, this could be related to not having the required Equator2 samples installed on the computer. This often affects those who do not own Equator2 and have installed Soundpacks that use Equator2 samples. The Soundpacks we have identified as being affected are:

  • Stargaze Synthwave
  • Cinematic Expanse

To resolve this, we have added the full Equator2 Library as a download in ROLI Connect. In order to return the samples to the affected Soundpacks, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open ROLI Connect and click the ROLI Studio Player tile to expand it fully.
  2. Click the first green Install button to install the Equator2 Library.

If you run into any other problems with installing Soundpacks, please contact the Support team who will be happy to help.