You receive the message 'No preset at...' in Equator.

In more detail

If the GRAND's SoundDial or RISE's Preset Switch are used to navigate an Equator playlist with fewer presets than their value range – i.e., fewer than 48 for the GRAND's SoundDial and fewer than 127 for the RISE's Preset Switch – you may reach a preset position value with no available preset.

You'll see the following message displayed:

Equator ➝ 'No preset...' warning


How to resolve the 'No preset...' message

  • Open ROLI Dashboard.
  • Click the Device menu and then select Reset to default settings.
  • All of Dashboard’s settings will go back to the Factory Default, including Channel Range, tracking modes and Expression faders.

If you don't have access to ROLI Dashboard:

  • RISE: Reset the Preset Switch manually by clicking on the left-hand arrow until it is blacked out – this will bring the Preset Switch's current value to 0, its lowest value.
  • GRAND: Reset the SoundDial by twisting the rim until both the preset and bank LED indicators are at the top of the SoundDial's rim.

How to avoid the 'No preset...' message

To avoid receiving this message, you can make your own playlists and populate them with your favorite presets. As long as you completely fill the playlist, you won't ever receive this message.

To create and use a new playlist:

  • Go into Equator's Preset Browser – to do this, you can either:
    • click on the preset name at the top center of Equator's window (as below); or
    • go to Equator's ☰ menu on the top right corner and select 'Browse...'
  • Click on the 'Playlists' button to present the Playlists panel
  • Click on the '+' icon to create a new playlist
  • Name the playlist and drag and drop presets into the playlist's preset slots in the desired order
  • Use your SoundDial or Preset Switch to navigate quickly between your favourite presets!
  • Equator ➝ Playlists
  • Click on the 'backspace' icon to delete the playlist and the 'pencil' icon to edit the playlist name