Equator2.3.0 Update Released

Hi everyone, we're very happy to announce the release of Equator2.3.0

This update can be installed from ROLI Connect  and focusses on a long-requested addition to Equator2 - Playlists! The main Preset browser now provides buttons to switch between the Preset list, Playlists and Edit Playlists. We've also provided some great Factory Playlists to get you started 

Please see below for a full list of changes, and don't hesitate to contact our support team if you encounter any issues.

Equator2.3.0  Release notes 

New Features

- Added Playlist and Edit Playlist views to the main preset browser

- Added 27 Factory Playlists, covering a wide range of styles

Bugs Fixed

- Damping Frequency parameter is trimmed

- "Gate On-Off" Multi-mod Preset nodes are duplicated

- Filter "Cut-off" parameter default should be 1KHz

- Some preset names are trimmed on Preset Browser list

- Soundpacks disappearing from browsers

- Improved Tooltips

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Yesterday:  I opened Equator 2 and saw that there was still no way to make preset lists. I really wish for that , I said to myself. 

Today: I get a mail with this update!

That's great support, evens if it´s a bit spooky ;-)

Just installed the update but there are no Playlists in the list???
Just an empty playlist called 'My Playlist'.
I can click the folder icon to take me to the location which is:
/Users/macbook/Documents/ROLI/Equator2/Playlists/My Playlist.rolicollection

There is only one file in here (the one called My Playlist).  I'm assuming there should be a load of files for all the playlists...

Is there someone who can share their folder contents with me???  For some reason, the option to uninstall Equator 2 via Roli Connect is not 
visible, so I'm a little puzzled how to fix this...

No AAX again((((((

Merry Christmas!

I can't get my Equator 2.3 update or Orchestral Ensembles (which I just purchased)  to download via Roli Connect. When I click the update button, it just says 'Installing' but never completes the installation. Please see attached file. 

If anyone can give me some suggestions I'd really appreciate it. I have time off and wanted to deep dive into MPE patches. 


please FIX Roli Connect!!! It's not working on macOS 12

Shame you don't list the new presets in release notes or tag them in the equator2 browser.

I'd love to be able to use this update, but every time I start installation through ROLI Connect, the installation hangs for hours with no errors or completion of install...

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Hi Mark, we didn't add new presets to the factory library in this update. Rather, we added Playlists which you can navigate to using the Playlists button in the browser.

Sorry for any confusion.



We're aware of an active issue affecting some Connect 1.1.0 users, we are working on a hot-fix but in the meantime there is a simple workaround:

  1. Download ROLI Connect from https://roli.com/start
  2. Run the downloaded ROLI Connect General Edition-1.1.0.dmg
  3. When the window has opened, double-click on the ROLI Connect app (don't drag it into the Applications folder)
  4. Complete the Connect installation, then reattempt a software or soundpack installation

I hope that helps.


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