Equator2.1 Update Released

Hi all, we're delighted to announce the 2.1 update for Equator2!

The update is live right now and can be installed from ROLI Connect along with an update to the Equator1 Legacy Library with 360 Equator1 presets. This update includes a slew of new features, bug fixes and general quality of life improvements.

Please see below for a full list of changes, and don't hesitate to contact our support team if you encounter any issues.

Equator2.1 release notes

New Features and Improvements:

  • New Preferences submenu
  • Zoom in/out with Ctrl or Cmd -/+
  • Add Up/Down arrow keys to change preset in the browser
  • Added 360 more presets to the Equator1 Legacy Library installer
  • Double Click on parameter label to type exact value
  • Right Click on a Sound Source, Modulation Source or Effect to copy and paste settings and modulation assignments
  • Improve loading of longer samples, and user samples
  • Improved messaging with missing and broken samples
  • Improved setting custom sample Root Note and Name
  • Onscreen keys now light up when played with animations off
  • Preset switching from RISE preset switch button (incompatible with VST3 Plugins)
  • Expand a source when engine type is changed
  • Add UI left/right arrow to Sample/Wavetable selection
  • Escape/Enter keys now work for Cancel/OK (DAW dependent)
  • Mod List entry is highlighted on Mouse-over
  • Add Wet/Dry control to Filter Effect
  • New Utility Gain/Pan Effect
  • Global FX by-pass button
  • Double Click on Preset in the Browser
  • Multi-Mod editing behaviour now saved as part of presets
  • Added assignment indicator to 5D sources
  • Snap to the horizontal line of 5D graphs using Shift key
  • Added variance in Multi-Mod Grid line thickness
  • Several minor UI improvements

Bugs Fixes:

  • User sub-presets can be saved over existing sub-presets without warning
  • Model Delay and Simple Delay parameters reset when changing slot
  • UI issue and crash when selecting modulation transfer curves
  • Highlight becomes stuck after selecting from drop-down list
  • Multi-Mod nodes can be obscured by XY coordinates
  • XY coordinates no longer appear when mousing over Muti-Mod line
  • Multi-Mod curve not recalled correctly if based on modified factory preset
  • Digital waveforms appear out of order in minibrowser
  • EQ Graph line doesn’t redraw after reloading UI
  • Standalone State can get overwritten with default preset
  • Wavetable display doesn’t update when disabling Morph
  • Mouse scroll wheel is very sensitive in mod list
  • Filter output routing incorrectly disabled when filter off
  • Individual Browser sections should have ‘Clear’ button rather than ‘Clear All’
  • Fixed multiple labelling and unit value inconsistencies
  • Fixed FX and Routing page UI inconsistencies
  • Text in search box is not centred vertically
  • User icon should appear grey when a preset is not selected
  • GRAND presets are incorrectly filtered as Standard presets
  • Effect preset save button has incorrect tooltip
  • Crash when opening saved Cubase project
  • Fixed some samples failing to loop
  • Fixed minor graphical glitches

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Nice update! Thanks!

But  ...............

Can you make the possibility to change the presets with a program change command?

In Equator 1 you have the playlist function. I miss this playlist in Equator2 and in the Studio player.

Change presets with midi cc commands is necessary for realtime use!


Hi Sjoerd, thanks for the feedback!

The new update does indeed feature switching from MIDI Program Change messages from the RISE, but they're not functioning on the VST3 version due to an incompatibility issue. Although we don't have custom playlists (something that we want to include soon!) the messages will switch between presets in the current browser filter, so for example you can use your Favourites to build a set of presets for now.

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Hai Jared

Thank you for anser!

I look forward for a good programable preset system in the Roli software.

Till this time only the first Equator is usable for me.

best regards,


The absolutely crippling bug in Bitwig where Equator 2 stops held notes when cycle looping is on in Bitwigs timeline is still there. Such a great piece of software in theory, and such terrible bug fixing by Roli/FxPansion in practice. 

Hey Michael, I'm really sorry that this fix didn't make it into the 2.1 release. 

I will go back to the team and ensure that a fix makes it into the next one.

Hello. First of all congratulations for your products and software. I really miss the program change midi command in equator2. That makes this wonderfull synth almost impossible to play live. Can you make in a nearly future the possibility to change the presets with a program change command, as in equator1? Thank you. Best regards. Eric

Hello Michael

Now after many month and many many commercial preset packages......

there is still no programm change possibility in Equator2 like the playlist in Equator1.

It's a must for live playing!

When are you releasing a playlist guide with midi control?

Best regards,


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