Equator2.2 Update Released

Hi everyone, 

We're very pleased to announce the 2.2 update of Equator2, which is now live!

The update can be installed from ROLI Connect and from the Sounds tab you can install the new Motion Waves Soundpack with 60 new presets (30 x MPE and 30 x Standard) FREE to all owners of Equator2. The update contains new features to improve the browsing experience, streamline the sound-design workflow, and includes many bug fixes.

Please see below for a full list of changes, and don't hesitate to contact our support team if you encounter any issues.

Equator2.2 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements:

  • Free Motion Waves Soundpack (30 x MPE & 30 x Standard presets)
  • Added Soundpack filter section in the preset browser
  • Added Soundpack filter to Wavetable and Sample minibrowsers
  • Added mouse interactions to the Wavetable/Sampler/Granular visualisers
  • Set custom default and init preset options by right clicking on a preset
  • Set custom default pitchbend range in Note Configuration menu
  • Added dropdown menu to Effects Chain preset selector
  • Modulate linked Delay parameters together
  • Solo multiple Sources at once with ctrl/cmd click
  • Updated default preset to 'Stereo Motion Wavetable Pad'
  • Double-clicking on Wavetable/Sample thumbnail opens minibrowser
  • Added User icons to sub presets browsers
  • Added right-click Mute option for Modulation sources
  • UI/UX tweaks and improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Equator2 Stops held notes when looping in Bitwig
  • Modulations applied to Filter 2 not showing in the Mod Matrix
  • Switching Multi-mod preset changes LFO parameters
  • Some Multi-mod settings not copy/pasted correctly
  • Issues with copy/pasting Sources
  • Effects on/off buttons not always working
  • Crash when importing several user wavetables
  • Modelled delay causing audio dropouts
  • Granular Mini-browser takes longer to open on Windows
  • Minor fixes to init preset
  • Several UI/UX fixes
  • Improved tooltips

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Hi. Thanks for updating Equator2 to 2.2.00. It's great that you follow and support him. I hope that Equator2 will get better and better.

I faced a problem, I can't lower the global pitch, the arrow is missing, as in the picture.


Thanks for the feedback, and sorry about that issue it's a bit of an annoying one!

I'll raise with the team and see that it gets looked at, in the meantime you should be able to click and drag up and down on the value to change the Octave.

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