ROLI Studio Player v1.2.3 released

We're very pleased to announce the next update to ROLI Studio, v1.2.3, which introduces support for LUMI SE polyphonic pitch bend and pressure modulation. We've also updated the Standard presets in a number of soundpacks, which you can find more about below. Please see the following support article for more information on installing and setting up ROLI Connect and ROLI Studio Player.

ROLI Studio Player is installed with ROLI Connect, which you can download here for Mac or Windows.

ROLI Studio Player 1.2.3

Added Features:

  • LUMI SE support:
    • With Hardware Control enabled, the LUMI SE pitch bend and pressure modulation can be enabled and disabled in the Note Configuration window, found in the bottom-right corner of ROLI Studio Player.
  • Updates to Standard presets in the following soundpacks to introduce LUMI SE support:
    • Equator Fundamentals
    • Cinematica
    • Elementals
    • Session Keys
    • World Colours
    • Strobe2 Fundamentals
    • Synthetic Resistance (v1.1.0)
    • Cypher2 Fundamentals
    • Dimension Art (v1.1.0)

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Alphabetize soundpack order in browser

Please refer to the following support article for more information, and please contact our support team in the event that you're unable to resolve any issues.