ROLI Studio v1.1.2 released

We’re very pleased to announce the latest release of ROLI Studio Player 1.1.2 & ROLI Studio Drums, v1.1.2, which is now available to everyone with a registered ROLI hardware device.

As well as a few improvements and fixes, which are listed below, this latest update also adds full support for our new hardware, LUMI Keys! 

To get the latest update, please head to ROLI Connect and click update on both ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums. If you don't have ROLI Connect installed yet, you can find the latest version here:

If you encounter any issues with ROLI Studio, pleased let our support team know by creating a new support ticket, or raise it in the Issues forum. If you want to discuss the features in ROLI Studio with other creators or share your ideas on how ROLI Studio could be improved, head over to the Feature Requests forum, or if you have any questions, you can ask them here.

ROLI Studio Player 1.1.2

Added Features:

- ROLI Studio Player now has full LUMI Support:

  •   Synth Engine colours show on hardware
  •   Select Key and Scale
  •   Additional notes added from Smart Chords are displayed on hardware
  •   Additional notes added from Arp are also displayed on hardware

- 250 Presets added to support standard MIDI controller

- Ability to filter between Standard MIDI and MPE content in both browsers

Fixes and Improvements:

- Live Block buttons were occasionally blank when connected to RSP

- Some Tool tips were incomplete

- Minor Pentatonic scale 5th chord mislabeled

- Cypher2 presets weren't always being recalled in Bitwig

- Arp occassionaly played back out of sync with transport

ROLI Studio Drums 1.1.2

Fixes and Improvements:

- Missing Tools Tips from some parameters

- Recorded MPE data did not always play back consistently in some DAWs

- Loop Block image appeared when Live Block is connected

- Some kits were not initialising correctly when recalling a DAW project

- Logic project would recall a blank/colourless RSD preset with incorrect sound

- Notes were missing from the beginning of audio rendered with Studio One

- Default audio FX macro positions were not recalled in RSD

- Improved response of tom pads in Ether 808 kit

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