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ROLI Studio Player on Garageband


I downloaded ROLI Studio Player but how can I put the melody on Garageband? 

Cause I can't record on Roli Studio Player.


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I have the same question using Ipad with Garageband.

 I have a similar issue with Garageband. Roli studio player and Equator Player cannot plugin with Garageband. This DAW does allow using Cypher 2 and Strobe 2 r and Roli drums.

On the contrary all these plugins work with Ableton Live Lite.


can't seam to download GarageBand on my Mac Pro

i can't connect garageband. i just have seaboard block and roli connect says press the button with usb cable and i did billion times nothing changed..

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i have the same issue. the plugin on garage doesn't work. i have tried a bunch of things but nothing change.

I have the same issue as well. 

What is the answer to this question?

If you have a device with a Touch Bar, you can play the software instrument on the selected software instrument track using the Keyboard screen and play drum kits and percussion instruments on the selected Drummer track using the Drum Pads screen.

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