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had this thing for a looong time, never used it, never worked. tried again today no luck.


 so yeah, all kinds of apps. pretty lights, different modes. practically? bitwig does not even see it. pressing the buttons does nothing. its effectively useless and i wanted to just play something yet i end up being tech support for half a day with no success.

what gives? it only works with my phone and sound comes through the iphone speakers which of course is awful...

on the verge of just selling it on ebay or something.

i only see garageband in the app, really? please tell me i can actually use this with decent daw? bitwig does not even detect it, but it has default "Sea RISE"

I can map my bluetooth keyboard to drumpads in 1 minute. What is this " intuitive expressive" stuff? What can you actually do with it? I can't even make a noise with it on my mac. Maybe im really stupid though cause ive been producing for 10 years, and never before have i felt this ripped off.

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