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Roli Studio Drums

Just posting this for the record. Obvi I would love to see the issue fixed as well.. Here goes..

So Ive been using the Studio Drums  and enjoying it but there are some kinks that I hope to see worked out. For one, when I open a session that has SD in it, the first play through is pretty rough. Audio sticks and jerks and the SD instruments skip. It's almost like there's an extra 5 mins that SD needs to load, after loading, to get in gear. After that first play, everything runs pretty smooth and awesome, until.. yes until.. I try to bounce. So my DAW exports the session into audio just fine but with the skips and jerks of the first play. Not sure what's causing this but ill prob have to export realtime to bypass this issue. I'll update this post if I sort it out on my own but I'd love to get some feedback if any one else experiences similar issues. 


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