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Roli Studio Player and Roli Studio Drums with Logic Pro

Dear Roli Support,

I realized my Roli Studio Player only provides sounds from Equator and doesn't show any sounds from Cypher or Strobe. I have the full versions of all those synths and this problem is in both my Roli Studio Player app and plugin in logic.  Also, is there a way to put Roli Studio Drums into logic pro? 

Hi Chris,

We haven't seen this behaviour before - could you tell us exactly which versions of ROLI Studio Player you're running?

If you have a look in Users/Shared/ROLI/Soundpacks, you should see two folders named "Cypher2 Fundamentals" and "Strobe2 Fundamentals". If this is not the case, please let us know. Regarding the full factory libraries of Cypher2/Strobe2 in ROLI Studio Player, this is something we're working to support in a future update.

So long as you've installed ROLI Studio Drums from ROLI Connect, this will have installed an AU component that you can load as a plugin in Logic, in the same way that you load ROLI Studio Player.

Hey Lawrence,

the version of roli studio is v1.0.0. I just uninstalled and reinstalled and the strobe and cypher library presets still not showing up. I looked up the Roli/Soundpacks file location and both of the cypher2 fundamentals and strobe2 fundamentals were located inside. And I looked in the presets of both those folders and everything looks good on that end. So there's just some glitch right now thats only showing the equator presets. I appreciate your help and look forward to solve this problem!


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