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Rise 25 Hardware Control in Roli Studio Player

Hello, apologies if there is a published answer ( I have searched forum).

I am using my Rise 25 with Roli Studio and all plays well except the three control sliders and cannot fathom how to assign them.

I have connected my Rise 25 via USB and BT.

Any suggestions?

Cheers, Tel.

Hi Terence,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The RISE faders and X-Y pad should be automatically mapped to the faders and X-Y pad in RSP. 

Please ensure that you have put the RISE into CC mode by pressing the power button, as otherwise they will be controlling 5D response.

If you continue to run into issues, the best option is to open a new support ticket, as the tickets are monitored more frequently and will ensure that we're able to track and resolve your issue as soon as possible.  You can submit a ticket here -  

Kind regards,  Marcus

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Perfect, thanks Marcus. I'd neglected to switch to Midi CC Mode.

All good now.


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