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Blocks in Roli Studio Player in FL Studio (guide)

This is meant as a guide for users of Fl studio 20 that want to use their seaboard block with Roli Player with full MPE. There's currently no updated guide and the only one I'm aware of was for equator.


First connect your seaboard block via usb>Go to Midi settings>enable seaboard block as generic controller>set to port 1

Then go to manage plugins>run scan to add the Roli studio player dll file

Add a Roli studio player to the FL channel rack (add new channel-more plugins)

Right click Roli studio player on the channel rack>toggle "MIDI channel through" to checked>also toggle "receive notes from-seaboard block-channel 1" to checked

Open Roli studio player from the channel rack>click the gear in the top left-hand corner of Roli studio Player window> click the plug+gear (2nd symbol top left) >under "Settings- MIDI" set the input port to 1

Lastly Login to Roli Connect


You should now have a fully working seaboard block with Roli studio player in Fl studio 20

If anyone out there knows of a simpler way or has any tips for improving this method I would much appreciate any help you can give. Thank you.

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Yeah, FL Studio is a useful tool for creating or editing the music. I have been using this tool for a long time and the experience is very well.

Now Roli Seaboard works great but it doesn't record the 5d expressions to FL Studio. Any idea?


fl doesnt support recording midi of 5d expressions. 

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