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Information regarding the upcoming Studio Drums plugin

Hi there!

I very recently purchased a second Roli Seaboard Block and was very happy to see the announcement regarding the Roli Studio software - in particular the Studio Drums VST component.

Is there any information/screenshots/manual available for the Drums plugin?

I'm very interested in getting my head around the features/capabilities before the software is released - I have many questions regarding the configurability of the plugin (can we create custom rhythms/samples etc?).

Many thanks for any information you are able to provide! (I also understand if the documentation is not yet available - but any information would be greatly appreciated)

Hey Geraint,

 ROLI Studio Drums is an MPE drums plugin that is separate to ROLI Studio Player. It allows for 5D drum control on Desktop for the first time, allowing you to bend drum sounds and create grooves using a Lightpad Block.

We're really excited about RSD but we can't share anything further just yet. The Studio Editions will release on October 31st and all current BLOCKS owners will get access to the ROLI Studio suite which includes ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums.

Hope that helps!


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Hi Marcus,

No problem, I thought that might be the case.

Many thanks for your response, I very much look forward to the release next week!

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