New Equator sounds for RISE/GRAND/Equator Full creators

Good news: the Colours of India soundpack by AR Rahman's KMMC includes several sounds made with Equator, and these sounds are now available for creators with the full version of Equator. You may download them on your My ROLI page ( The sounds are:

  • Bansuri Flute
  • Jaltarang
  • Nadaswaram
  • Veena

(Note: the drum kits included in the NOISE soundpack are not available for Equator, as they do not use the Equator sound engine.)

Additionally, all creators with the full version of Equator now have access to the BLOCKS Extended Library, also accessible from My ROLI. 


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Hi Mark, 

RISE 1.1.7.syx is the firmware for the RISE and is completely separate from Equator and these presets. 

If you've downloaded the Colours of India soundpack from your My ROLI page and run the installer, you should be able to locate the presets by ensuring all tags are unselected and following the above instructions. If you continue having trouble finding these presets please feel free to send our support team a screenshot of Equator's Preset Browser as you are trying to find these presets.

"I've installed and repaired and I still don't have the sound Jaltarang. Running Equator 1.11.2  on Windows 7. The other 3 sounds are there and sound fine"

Kevin, you've probably resolved this by now, but just in case: I've just had the same experience, and the fix for me was, in the full view of the patch browser, in the left hand column, under "devices," make sure that "Blocks" is selected (along with Rise and Seaboard, in my case.) It seems that the Jaltarang patch is tagged only as a Blocks patch, whereas the other 3 Colors Of India patches showed up for me without Blocks being selected.


I've tried using the new sounds, but I can't seem to be able to authorize Equator Full on the MyROLI page. Equator Full comes with the seaboard Block right, or do I have to pay extra?

Thanks a lot,



I've downloaded all sounds with my roli connect and installed them, but when I open equator (full version), I am not able to find them. I've also already logged out and in again with equator, but it's all the same. I'm working with an iMac (mid2011) on macos 10.12.6


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ok. so where is the equator download page?

I cannot find it anymore. I got a message by email it is upgraded but cannot find it. 

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