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NOISE for Android

I am dying to use NOISE on my Samsung Note 8!

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And I on my Galaxy S7

still looking for a progress report

Xiaomi Mi5 is worked ))

We've been closely following your concerns about NOISE not working on your Android devices. While we've been working hard to resolve this as best we can, we don't expect there to be any resolution to NOISE/Android compatibility any time soon, because of the way the whole Android system is structured. This challenge is much bigger than any one company can solve. 

To read about this in more detail check out the recently updated article. We're really sorry that we don't have better news, but we hope you understand why NOISE for Android can't happen as quickly as we all would like.

 I have Lightpad that is blocked because there's no BT4LE on Windows to update it. I have BT4LE on my Redmi, so it would be good to have an updater app on Android...

I have a OnePlus 6 and the NOISE beta downloaded to it. Haven't tried it out yet, but for most of my other devices I can't even get the download.

is there any news about noise ap p to dowmnload to android cant get it anyway

to Matthew Zajaczkowski

I was able to sideload NOISE on my Nexus 9, but I have not been able to connect it via bluetooth.  ANy suggestions?!  Thanks!!


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