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Equator presets in NOISE, NOISE Soundpacks in Equator

I would like the ability to create presets in Equator and port them over to NOISE, or take NOISE soundpacks over to Equator for desktop applications.

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Until these issues are fixed I do not feel comfortable paying money for sound packs that are not cross platform accessible.

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Thanks, Red.  I continue to be happy to see Roli keeping us up to date on the status of these.

I mostly would like to bring my equator presets into noise, as I've made adjustments to the settings for touch that seem to be necessary for me to play effectively, and the noise presets cannot be similarly adjusted.

IMHO, I think of Noise as a performing tool. For me to just use presets does not cut it. I need to tweak the sounds to my preference.I love Equator but don't want my notebook computer on stage.

I am hoping that someday I can develop sounds in Equator and then play them live in Noise,



PS is there any other option to play Equato rcreator  developed presets on an ipad?

Thanks, I haven't bought the ipad yet.

Yes it is very important. Please update it. I have no computer but have ipad pro. I’m really want.

YES 100000% I expected this was already a feature and was really disappointed finding out not.

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Just jumping in with another vote to import custom Equator patches into Noise!

Or at least a way to turn off the delay and reverb on the factory Noise patches, like you can in Equator Player.

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Thanks for the work you’ve already done in this area. Being able to modify the non-SWAM and non-groove kit sounds on my computer would be great. OR, being able to load new instruments as a sound pack in Noise.

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like equator but don't want to gig with my MacBook - so end up using iphone/noise which is ok but can't make my own presets - must be a way to load none swam sounds into dam frustrating. Actually wanted a dedicated synth with its own sound onboard like the grand/studio rather than mess around with iPhones and laptops at a gig...sigh! now roli discontinued grand/studio 37...huge mistake...iphone and cables and blocks are a bit flaky for gigging..shame love seaboards

In a way, we got part of this feature through ROLI Studio, though the implementation doesn’t really address our needs.

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