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Equator presets in NOISE, NOISE Soundpacks in Equator

I would like the ability to create presets in Equator and port them over to NOISE, or take NOISE soundpacks over to Equator for desktop applications.

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It is sad we can’t run noise in the background, and sounds will not work over usb to intergrate into a desktop system. There should be a disclaimer stating that purchased sounds will not work outside of the noise app and noise does not intergrate with their own equator product.

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I bought the SongMaker kit hoping to be able to use all of the cool synths and drum sounds in NOISE as a part of my compositional workflow on my desktop. I do like the full version of equator, however I'm very disappointed that the noise sound packs were not a part of equator. I especially miss the drum kit and groove kit sound libraries that are in NOISE, since I like to do experimental composition work. I was hoping to use NOISE's drum sounds in my DAW workflow and compositions! Why is the desktop app and sound engine player plug-in lacking this cool capability especially since Roli advertised using their Lightpad M Block as a drum pad controller for virtual drum instruments? 

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I was looking for a solution/integration between NOISE and Logic Pro X, and I find out that there’s no solution at the moment.

I’m a bit disappointed, because I can’t use/record the same NOISE sounds on Logic Pro X (as midi/audio), so what’s the sense of composing or buying NOISE Packs if I have to change the sounds later on my DAW?

I’m in love with the full version of Equator, but I was expecting the NOISE sounds included.
They definitely need a NOISE desktop software or app integration as soon as possibile!

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Yeah I mostly agree that’s its unacceptable although I wouldn’t use that word necessarily. I do find it frustrating though that there has been built two distinct platforms, iOS and desktop, but they are essentially walled off from each other completely. I think this is a huge missed opportunity. Open the walls of the ecosystem.

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In this day and age incompatibilities between platforms is not acceptable.

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Was going to post a similar request. Designing sounds in Equator (desktop) and playing them on iOS devices through the Noise AUv3 would make for a neat workflow. It does sound like the full Equator engine is available there, but we can’t play our own patches on iOS. Don’t think this added feature would cannibalize sales of soundpacks any more than the ability to edit patches in desktop softsynths killed the sales of presets.

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By staying connected to equator, but loading up individual slots on the gridded pad, you could tweak sounds as you play them.

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100% this. Sound packs from Noise but in equator would be great. I think the best feature would be making equator presets for use in Noise. Being able to assemble an entire drum kit and sound pack in equator, then be able to take them with you with Noise would be HUGGGGGGGEEE. Related to your request would be the ability to assemble a drum sounds or a sound pack in equator, then drag and drop individual items onto a 4 x 4 config (or 2x2) to customize the pad however you would like. Save the layout and sounds for easy and quick loading in the future.

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