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A Seaboard RISE61

I would love to see a larger RISE. A 61 or even 88 keywave RISE!

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Yes, a 61 keywave please.

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My speculation is part of why it hasn't been done yet is some overlap with the GRAND range's keys (those still have a strength insofar as a built-in sound engine so they can be played standalone without a computer), but time will tell...

Yes, I definitely want a 61 keywave RISE too!

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Yes please!  You could connect several blocks together but each block must be charged separately and if You want a sustain pedal it's not just to plug it in.

Maybe a similar solution as with Blocks could work - make a new Rise with 36 or 48 waves and attachable Rise blocks with 24 waves. Then You can easily archive 3-5-7 octaves (or 4-6-8 octaves). The attachable Blocks would not need any batteries to keep the cost down. 

Now the 61 key GRAND is no longer in production, a 5D 88 key controller is definitely on my to buy list, maybe a 61 if my dollar doesn't stretch that far.

Yep, a 61- or 88-key 5D for sure, mostly to add the option to use  key switching for sample libraries with fixed key switches.

+1 for a Rise 61. If it would exist I would go to the shop today, wile regarding the Rise 49, I am still a bit reluctant.


I vote for a connectable standalone 5D 88 keys getting the best of Rise & Grand, I'm pretty sure you'd get easily financed in no time through an online funding campain... just saying ^^

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