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A Seaboard RISE61

I would love to see a larger RISE. A 61 or even 88 keywave RISE!

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Huge mistake getting rid go the Grand..Roli dropped the ball getting rid of their flagship product....carrying a laptop around is just a pain and noise app is really a poor compromise-this means a seaboard rise can't really be used live for a regular touring band. (Not risking my laptop on stage)

We need equator on-board thats built into the rise.

 I'm now searching for a second hand seaboard grand studio 37/61 if anyone has one to sell let me know...

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I don't use a laptop "on stage". I have an "embedded PC " (fanless, SSD) built in a trunk together with an audio interface and a DI box. No PC-Keyboard or Monitor attached when "on stage". Easy to carry around, rigid and reliable.


I'll buy the next 61/73/88 keywaves version without even thinking...

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