When registering a ROLI product in ROLI Connect, which message are you seeing?

"The code/serial is not recognised"

  • When registering a Seaboard RISE or GRAND, you’ll be asked for your serial number and registration code. It's important to enter the right one!
  • The serial number for all products is printed on the hardware – on the RISE, BLOCKS and LUMI, it is on the bottom of the instrument, and on the GRAND it's on the back. 
  • The registration code is only needed for the Seaboard RISE and GRAND, and is printed on a card inside the box (RISE) or inside the front page of the quick start guide (GRAND).

"The product is already registered to another person"

  • But my ROLI instrument was purchased new! 

Please contact the ROLI Support Team to clear the license, including a photo of your serial number on the instrument itself, your registration code (for RISE and GRAND), and a copy of your sales receipt.

  • That's OK, I purchased the ROLI instrument pre-owned.

Are you in contact with the previous owner?


The original owner can deregister the product from their account in ROLI Connect from the Devices tab. Once they have done that, you can register as normal.


The ROLI Support Team can clear the license for your pre-owned product. Send us a message at roli.com/support and include a photo of your serial number on the instrument itself, and your registration code (for RISE and GRAND).