Follow the steps below to ensure that the new owner of your ROLI product is able to register it and download the related software.

  • GRAND/RISE owners: make sure that the Product Registration Code is included in the box. If the card is lost, copy it from your account (see below) before giving the RISE/GRAND to the new owner.
  • Log into your My ROLI account and under "Transfer License" click on "Unregister a product" – RISE/GRAND owners might want to copy the registration code at this point.

ROLI software – including ROLI Dashboard and Equator – included with the original purchase will be transferable to the new owner, while bundled third-party software does not transfer to second-hand owners. 

Note: there may be transfer administration fees. To find out about how to transfer your ROLI product, visit our Returns and Transfers Policy here.