Follow the steps below to ensure that the new owner of your ROLI product is able to register it and download the related software.

Seaboard RISE, BLOCKS and LUMI

  1. Log into ROLI Connect.
  2. For RISE 25 & 49 owners, make a note of your product registration code.
  3. Go Devices and click Unregister next to your product.
  4. Your device will be unregistered.

Seaboard GRAND

  1. Log into My ROLI
  2. Scroll down, under "Transfer License" click on "Unregister a product". 
  3. Choose your product and click "Continue" then "Confirm"
  4. Make sure that the Product Registration Code is included in the box. If the card is lost, copy it from your account (see below) before giving the RISE/GRAND to the new owner.

Important to know

ROLI software – including ROLI Dashboard and Equator – included with the original purchase will be transferable to the new owner, while bundled third-party software does not transfer to second-hand owners.