Seaboard RISE

When the Seaboard RISE’s Glide Expression Touch Fader is set to maximum, adjacent semitones (or minor seconds/half steps/semitones, such as E & F, or D & D#) are interpreted as a single note. This is because Glide is applied to set the pitch somewhere between the two keywaves being played. The exact pitch is dependent on the pressure you apply to each keywave.

How to play adjacent semitones

To change this behavior you just need to set the Glide Expression Touch Fader to anywhere below the maximum.

  • Press the mode/power button so that the LED is cyan (a light blue).
  • With the LED showing cyan, you are in Expression Mode. Change the levels of the three faders to adjust the Seaboard’s response to Glide, Slide, and Press.
  • Set the left fader (Glide) to somewhere below the maximum, and now it will be possible to play adjacent semitones.

Seaboard GRAND

The Seaboard GRAND, the first ROLI instrument with the revolutionary SEA interface, uses a different sensor design, and it's not possible to play adjacent semitones (minor seconds) with the Seaboard GRAND.