It's important to keep your Blocks' firmware up-to-date. Follow these instructions to update BLOCKS firmware in NOISE:

1. Charge your Blocks

Ensure your Blocks are fully charged (the left LED of the power button is green).

2. Ensure that you have the latest version of NOISE installed

Check for app updates in the App Store or Google Play and install them if needed.

3. Restart your mobile device's Bluetooth

Open your iOS device's preferences. Go to Bluetooth, and switch it off and on again.

4. Connect one Block at a time by Bluetooth

Disconnect the USB cable from any Lightpad or Seaboard Blocks.

Connect your first Block to the NOISE app from My Studio in the top right.

Do not connect any other Blocks by Bluetooth or DNA.

5. Update the firmware of one Block

Tap that Block's update button in NOISE. The app will check for available firmware updates and run through a short process which will take around a minute depending on your mobile device's internet connection.

6. If the update is not at first successful, try again

If the update displays an error, just disconnect the Block from Bluetooth and go back to step 3. You may just need to retry a few times to ensure a successful download of the firmware to the Block.

7. Once the update is complete, reset your Block

To switch the Seaboard or Lightpad Block on or off, hold the power button.

To switch the Live, Loop or Touch Blocks on or off, hold both buttons on the far left.

8. Update any other Blocks individually

If you have any other Blocks, go back to step 3 and repeat the process for each Block, connecting each of them individually to update the firmware for each one.

9. Disconnect all but the Lightpad or Seaboard Block from Bluetooth

  • One Lightpad or Seaboard Block acts as the central hub for all other Blocks to communicate with your mobile device.
  • Disconnect all but a single Seaboard or Lightpad Block from Bluetooth.
  • Connect remaining Blocks to the first by the magnetics DNA connectors.

If you follow these steps carefully you can be sure that the firmware will update and you can get back to making music! If you find that you are not able to update a Block after several attempts, please contact the support team here. We're here to help!