Arturia's V-Collection is a huge collection of vintage synths, keyboards and classic modular instruments in VST form. Since version 8, Arturia added MPE support for some synths and has updated more for MPE in each release. Click here for a full list of currently MPE-supported instruments in the collection.

In this guide, we will first look at how to enable MPE in the synth, and how to set up the RISE 2's Touch Faders and XY Pad to control the macros and modulation wheel in a V-Collection synth.


Step 1: Setting up the RISE 2

Connect your RISE 2 via USB or Bluetooth and launch ROLI Dashboard.

Apply the 'MPE - default' mode.

Under 'MIDI CC Assignments', set the Left Fader (< >) CC to '1'. This will assign the left fader to the Modulation wheel in the synth.

Set the Slide Mode to 'Relative Unipolar'. This will allow the synth to respond to vertical movements on the keywave. For more detail, see Step 4. 

Click 'Save As' and save this mode as 'MPE - V-Collection' or whatever you like. 

Step 2: Enabling MPE mode in the synth

Open your MPE-compatible V-Collection synth of choice. Here we're using OP-XA V.

Click the cog menu and toggle 'Enable MPE'. We can leave the settings underneath alone as they match the default MPE mode we set in step 1.

If you're using Ableton Live, make sure to also enable the plug-in for MPE by right-clicking on it and selecting 'Enable MPE Mode'.

Step 3: Assigning the Macros to the Faders and XY Pad 

Staying in the cog menu, click the MIDI tab and from the MIDI Config menu, choose 'Empty'. Now we can start mapping.

On the RISE 2, make sure the faders are in MIDI Mode. The 5D touch icons at the top should not be illuminated, like in the photo below. To toggle between modes, press the power button briefly. 

Back in the synth, click 'Learn' to begin mapping.

Click the Brightness macro knob and move Fader 2 on the RISE 2.

Click the Timbre macro knob and move Fader 3 on the RISE 2.

Click the Time macro knob and move your finger anywhere on the XY Pad. You will probably see the CC change between 113 and 114, because the XY Pad is bi-directional. We'll need to fix this so we can continue mapping.

Once either 113 or 114 is mapped, click on the CC and type in any number between 115-127. 

Now click the Movement macro knob and move your finger on the XY pad again.

Finally, manually change the Time CC to 113 and the Movement CC to 114.

Click 'Learn' to exit mapping.

Now we have these assignments:

Fader 1: ModWheel

Fader 2: Brightness

Fader 3: Timbre

X-Axis: Time

Y-Axis: Movement

Remember that this is just an example - feel free to assign the controls to anything else shown in purple during the mapping stage.

Click the MIDI Config drop-down menu and click 'Save Current Config As...' to keep your RISE 2 mappings saved. 

Step 4: Assigning Slide

This step is optional and applies only to the current preset, as the modulated options we choose will be very preset-specific. 

In the Settings tab, click the drop-down menu and choose a parameter that you want Slide to control. Here, we're assigning Slide to the Arp Rate.

Turn the knob all the way to the right or left, to affect the parameter positively or negatively. 

Because we chose Relative Unipolar as the Slide Mode, we can play anywhere on the keywave to get an unmodulated sound. The sound will then only be modulated by sliding up or down. Since the MPE Slide Mode only works in one direction, sliding up or down will have the same effect.

If you want the modulation amount to be directly related to where you initially put your finger on the keywave (top = max modulation, bottom = min modulation), choose the 'Absolute' Slide Mode in ROLI Dashboard. This will also produce a more obvious modulation, as twice the amount of modulation is being sent.

Repeat the process for the second Slide knob, if you like.  

The preset has now been edited, so to save it, go to the hamburger ≡ menu and click "Save preset as..."

That's it! You've now mapped the Faders and XY Pad to the Macros and Mod Wheel in your V-Collection synth. Repeat this process for any other synth in the collection. Happy playing!