FL Studio is not yet MPE compatible, but you can still use the pitch bend and aftertouch features of LUMI Keys in ROLI Studio Player in the DAW with a little setup. 

Watch our video guide below or continue below for step-by-step instructions.

How to enable pitch bend & aftertouch with LUMI Keys in FL Studio

1. Open ROLI Studio Player VST in FL Studio and turn off "Hardware Control"

2. Open ROLI Dashboard. Set these settings:

- MIDI Mode: Single Channel
- MIDI Channel: 1
- Pitch Bend Range: 48
- Key Pitch Bend Amount: 2
- Active Mode: Mode 1
- Pressure tracking: Channel Pressure
- Enable Pitch Bend: Ticked
- Enable Pressure: Ticked

3. Click "Save As" to save this configuration for easy access later.

You will now be able to use aftertouch and pitch bend in FL Studio. As FL Studio does not support MPE, any pitch bend or aftertouch performed will apply to all notes being held down.