If you already have ROLI Connect and ROLI Dashboard installed on your computer, please check that Dashboard is up to date by opening the 'Apps' tab in Connect and locating Dashboard - there will be a green 'Update' button next to Dashboard if a new version is available. Once you've confirmed Dashboard is up to date please skip to: How to update LUMI's firmware

Before you can update your LUMI SE's firmware, you first need to download and install ROLI Connect:

  1. Head to roli.com/start and follow the instructions to download and install ROLI Connect.

  2. Once installed, ROLI Connect will appear in your taskbar, open it and follow the instructions to sign in to your ROLI account, or click 'Sign up here' to create an account.

Register your LUMI Keys and install ROLI Dashboard:

*If you have multiple LUMIs please register and update each device individually.*

  1. When you've logged in to Connect, connect your LUMI Keys to your computer by USB, press LUMI's power button to turn the device on, and open the 'Devices' tab to register your LUMI. Leave LUMI connected and turned on until you've completed the firmware update. 

  2. Next, navigate to the 'Apps' tab and download and install Dashboard - you're now ready to update your LUMI's firmware.

How to update LUMI's firmware:

  1. Launch Dashboard.

  2. If you haven't connected your LUMI Keys yet, connect it by USB and press the power button to turn the device on. If you have more than one LUMI, please only connect one.

  3. Select “Updates” on the right side of the Dashboard window next to LUMI’s battery level indicator.

  4. Dashboard will check for available updates. The most recent firmware version will be displayed, if available.

  5. Select “Update now”.

  6. Your LUMI Keys will automatically restart which confirms the update has been completed successfully.

  7. If you have more than one LUMI you can now disconnect the updated device, and connect and update the next one. Registration is not necessary to perform the update for subsequent LUMI's.

If you need further help with these instructions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.