Arturia's Pigments is fully MPE-compatible so it requires very little setup to work with the Seaboard RISE or BLOCK. This guide will focus on the Seaboard RISE but the instructions are very similar for the BLOCK.

Since Arturia's V Collection setting interfaces are the same, this guide also applies to other synths which offer MPE - the full list of which can be found here.

How to use the Seaboard RISE with Pigments

Table of contents

Step 1: Connect the RISE and select it in Pigments' settings

  • Connect your RISE by USB or Bluetooth (Mac only) and open Pigments > Settings from the menubar
  • Select the Seaboard RISE as the MIDI device.

Step 2: Enable MPE in Settings

  • Open the other Settings menu from the cog on the right side of the window
  • Under MPE Settings, make sure that MPE is Enabled
  • Also ensure that the Zone, Bend Range, Slide Mode, and Slide CC match your settings in ROLI Dashboard.

Step 3: Start playing or continue mapping in the MIDI tab

  • That's all you need to do to start playing with the synth! You can further map one of the Seaboard's dimensions of touch, e.g. Slide, to other parameters in the synth in the MIDI tab.
  • By default, Slide (CC74) is mapped to the synth's Filter Cutoff. To change this, first delete the existing mapping, then open the MIDI tab and click Add control.
  • Once you've selected a control, assign CC74 to that control. 
    • (If you've changed the Slide CC in ROLI Dashboard, ensure that the new CC is also selected in Pigments).