This guide will explain how to connect the LUMI Keys Studio Edition with GarageBand and how to find ROLI Studio Player as a plugin. We're using ROLI Studio Player as an example, but this method applies to any compatible plugin.

1. First, connect your LUMI Keys Studio Edition to your computer using a USB cable.

2. Download and install the ROLI Dashboard software from ROLI Connect. This software allows you to customize and configure your LUMI Keys Studio Edition.

3. Open GarageBand on your Mac and create a new project.

4. In GarageBand, go to the "GarageBand" menu and select "Preferences" (or "Settings").

5. In the "Audio/MIDI" tab, make sure that your LUMI Keys Studio Edition is recognised as the MIDI input device.

6. Back in GarageBand, click on the "+" button to create a new track.

7. In the "New Track" window, select "Software Instrument" and click "Create".

8. In the Smart Controls area at the bottom, click the arrow next to "Plug-ins".

9. In the plug-ins area that appears, mouse over the Instrument Slot and click the arrow icons on the right-hand side.

10. From the "AU Instruments" list, select "ROLI" then "ROLI Studio Player".

11. Click on "ROLI Studio" in the plug-ins area to open the plugin window and start playing with your LUMI Keys Studio Edition.

In ROLI Dashboard, you can configure various settings for your LUMI Keys Studio Edition, such as the sensitivity of the keys and the LED lighting.

That's it! With these steps, you should be able to set up your LUMI Keys Studio Edition with GarageBand on macOS. Happy creating!