Playlists are a powerful feature in Equator2 that allows you to organize your presets and performances into custom collections. This can be very useful when used with the RISE 2 in a live situation, for example, as the playlist can then be cycled through by using the preset buttons on the Seaboard. You can also use playlists to group together your favourite presets for a track you're working on, or simply keep your library organized by keeping all sounds from a particular genre or vibe together.

In this support article, we'll explore how to use playlists in Equator2, including how to create, edit, and manage them, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the most out of this powerful feature.

Playlist Browser

Equator2 comes pre-loaded with 28 playlists - curated by the ROLI team as well as Seaboard expert Marco Parisi and Equator2 sound designer Rozz3r.

To open the playlist browser, start by clicking the preset name at the top of the synth to open the Preset Browser. Then click 'Playlists' to switch to Playlist view.

The default playlist will show. Click the drop-down menu to launch the Playlist Browser.

From here you can select a playlist, search using the search box and filter by Factory or User playlists.

Tip: You can also filter playlists using the Filters section in the left-hand panel

Creating a new playlist

To create a new playlist, click 'Edit Playlist' and then click the + icon in the top-right corner. 

To add a preset, drag and drop it from the preset browser or right-click and select 'Add To Playlist'.

To change the order of the presets, simply drag and drop them in the playlist.

To rename the playlist, click the pencil icon. To delete, click the bin icon right next to it. You can also duplicate the playlist using the copy button between the bin and the +.

Playlists you have made can then be found in the 'User' tab of the playlists browser.

Editing playlists

You can edit a playlist you have already made or alter a factory playlist by creating a copy. 

Removing presets from user playlists

1. Open the Edit Playlist view then choose a User playlist from the drop-down menu on the right.

2. Right-click the preset and select 'Remove from Playlist'

Creating a new playlist from a Factory Playlist

1. Open the Edit Playlist view then choose a Factory playlist from the drop-down menu on the right. 

2. Click the duplicate button to save a copy of the playlist. 

3. Right-click on the presets want to remove and click 'Remove from playlist'.

4. Drag and drop presets from the preset browser to add, or right-click and select 'Add to playlist'.

5. Feel free to edit the playlist name (click the pencil icon) so you know which one is which.

Adding presets to an existing playlist

Click Edit Playlist, then drag and drop presets from the main preset browser. 

Finding Playlists on your computer

Playlists are saved as files on your computer when Equator2 is closed. It's easy to send the playlist to someone else or transfer it to a different computer, but first ensure that the receiver has the correct presets and samples installed otherwise some presets will not work properly. 

To launch the playlist folder, click the folder icon next to the playlist name in the Playlist view or Edit Playlist view.