To ensure the proper operation of your LUMI Keys, you will want to make sure you are charging it properly.

How to charge your LUMI

LUMI Keys uses a USB type C port and comes with a USB type C to USB type A cable for charging.

USB type A and C

With your LUMI Keys turned off, simply plug it into a USB charger. You will see that the power indicator light on the power button blinks for approximately 5 seconds, in the colour that indicates the battery charge level before turning off.

Red: Less than 20% charge 

Amber: Between 20% and 88% 

Green: Greater than 88%

If you want to check the charge level of your LUMI Keys, just turn it on and look at the LED colour of the power button indicator light.

Recommended Chargers

When charging a LUMI we recommend using a 5 volt/1 amp USB 3 charger or a computer with a USB 3 port.

Charging more than one LUMI using DNA connectors

When connecting multiple LUMIs through DNA from a single LUMI that is turned on and powered by USB from a data source (such as a desktop computer), only the LUMI receiving power via USB will charged.

When using a wall charger, multiple LUMIs can be charged simultaneously via DNA from the LUMI connected directly to power. It's important to keep in mind that connecting more LUMIs to the chain will decrease the charge rate for all connected units.