Cypher2 and Strobe2 can be authorized in two different ways, depending on your license type. Click on the store where you bought the license to skip straight to the method.

TABLE OF CONTENTS and third-party plugin vendors

If your license was bought on or another third party, click the Login button and use your ROLI account details.

If you have a serial number from or a third party, this is used to redeem the software on your account and not authorise it. 

Redeem the software first using ROLI Connect then authorise it using the Login button. 

For any licenses bought on, click the Unlock button and use FX License Manager to authorize the product.

This also applies to all legacy FXpansion products, e.g. Geist2, DCAM Free Comp etc.

For more help authorizing and redeeming your software, please see the links below:

How to redeem your software serials

Authorization file issues

Offline authorization