What type of pedal input does the RISE 2 have?

The RISE 2 accepts a sustain or continuous foot pedal input via its 6.35mm (¼ inch) TRS input.

What sustain pedals are compatible with the RISE 2?

Most sustain pedals with a TS ("tip-sleeve") jack will be compatible. TS jacks have a single black line running across, whilst TRS ("tip-ring-sleeve") have two black lines.

What continuous pedals are compatible? 

Most continuous pedals with a TRS jack will be compatible.

Why does the pedal stick out?

The internal design of the RISE 2 means that the pedal jack won't sit flush with the housing. This is an intentional choice and does not represent a fault in the unit. 

My pedal is sustaining when I'm not pressing it, how can I reverse this?

You can reverse the polarity of a sustain pedal by performing the following steps:

  1. With the pedal plugged into the Seaboard, press and hold the pedal down.
  2. Continue to hold the pedal down and unplug it from the Seaboard.
  3. Release the pedal.
  4. Plug the pedal back into the Seaboard.