This page documents every firmware version update for the Seaboard RISE 2 for your reference. It will be updated whenever a new firmware version is published.

As always, please make sure to keep your RISE 2's firmware up to date using ROLI Dashboard. If you experience any additional problems which are not listed in the 'Known issues' section, please contact ROLI Support.

Version 2.0.2 - Release date: 7/12/22

Release notes:

- Add Strike Min / Max settings

- Add Press Min / Max settings

- Add Lift Min / Max setting

- Add MIDI port throttle rate

- Add MIDI port forwarding

- Support semitone legato enable/disable toggle via Dashboard

- Fix program change messages being ignored

Known issues:

- Hot swapping sustain pedal while pressed can invert polarity.

- RISE2 is advertised as RISE49 by the driver on Windows machines.

- Rarely, the following issues may be experienced:

    - Crash when updating FW (please restart the unit and Dashboard before retrying the firmware update)

    - Latency, when connected over Bluetooth, may be perceptible in some cases - it is advised to use USB where low latency performance is critical.