The Lightpad and Live Blocks have deep integration with ROLI Studio Player, allowing you to have hands-on control over many aspects of the instrument via the Lightpad's touch surface and Live Block's buttons. The Seaboard RISE's XY pad and touch faders can also be utilised with no set-up needed.

This guide will explain how Blocks and the RISE can integrate into the instrument.


Lightpad Block Integration


One or more connected Lightpad Blocks running the latest BLOCKS firmware can be dedicated to controlling the individual modules within ROLI Studio Player:

  • Macro faders and XY pad
  • Smart Chords module
  • Arpeggiator
  • Audio Effects

Equivalent controls for each module will be displayed on the Lightpad Block surface, allowing you to adjust parameters for each module directly from your Lightpad Block(s). Depending on the module you're controlling, it's also possible to navigate through the various modes of the module with buttons displayed on the Lightpad Block surface.


To assign a module (e.g. the Macros) to a specific Lightpad Block, simply click the icon in the top-right corner of the module (see below) and select the Block.

Alternatively, you can assign a specific Lightpad Block to a module using the assignment button at the top of the ROLI Studio Player window, which will allow you to drag & drop your desired Block to a specific module (such as the Audio Effects).

Additionally, you can also use the mode button on the side of the Lightpad Block to cycle through each module. With ROLI Studio Player as a standalone application, a note grid is assigned to the Lightpad Block by default, which will also assume this behaviour if the current module mapping is removed.

Live Block Integration

Each button on a Live Block connected via DNA can be used to control the following, using the Mode button to change the behaviour:

  • Volume
  • Scale
  • Preset selection
  • Preset favouriting
  • Arpeggiator enabling/disabling
  • Smart Chord enabling/disabling

Seaboard Block and Seaboard RISE

Any Seaboard device connected to ROLI Studio Player will be automatically integrated to trigger notes, and the Macro & XY controls on the Seaboard RISE can be used to modulate the Macro & XY parameters in ROLI Studio Player. 

Lightpad Blocks and Live Blocks connected via DNA to a Seaboard Block can also be used to control ROLI Studio Player as explained above.

DAW Integration

We've aimed to make the experience as smooth as possible when using ROLI Studio Player as a plugin within your DAW of choice. As such, we've added features that allow different module assignments and configurations to be made between multiple instances of ROLI Studio Player within a single DAW project.

For instance, with a setup of two Lightpad Blocks, you can use them to control the Macro and Arpeggiator modules in the first instance of ROLI Studio Player, but also assign them to control the Smart Chords and Audio Effects of the second instance. 

You also have the option to choose between two different behaviours for each connected Light Block. You can choose from either of the following:

  • Set a Lightpad Block to update to whichever instance of ROLI Studio Player is brought into focus
  • Dedicate a specific Lightpad Block to a certain instance of ROLI Studio Player by clicking the lock symbol. Locked Lightpad Blocks can be released from any other instance of ROLI Studio Player in your DAW by clicking the lock symbol again. 

For instance, the right-most Lightpad Block in the image below is 'locked' to the Smart Chords module: