Since the Control BLOCKS use standard MIDI CC messages, you can use the buttons on any of the Control BLOCKS to control various buttons in Ableton Live. This guide will focus on mapping the Loop BLOCK to Ableton's Transport. This way you can send Record, Play and Stop messages from the buttons on the BLOCK.

How to setup and map the Loop BLOCK to Ableton's Transport
  1. Connect a Lightpad or Seaboard to your computer via USB
  2. Connect the Loop BLOCK to the Lightpad or Seaboard using the gold DNA connecters 
  3. In ROLI Dashboard, put the Loop BLOCK into MIDI CC Mode
  4. Open Ableton, and go to Preferences > MIDI. In the MIDI Ports section, turn Track: ON and Remote: ON for both Input and Output. 
  5. In the main window, click MIDI to start mapping.
  6. Click the Play icon, then push the Play button on the Loop BLOCK. 
  7. Click the Record icon, then push the Record button on the Loop BLOCK. Record needs to be a 'toggle' button. Head back to Dashboard, change the Behaviour of the Record button to Toggle. Now go back to Ableton.
  8. Click the Stop icon, then push the Learn button on the Loop BLOCK (you can choose any other, but having all three on the same row might be easier).
  9. You have now mapped the Loop BLOCK to three transport buttons. You should see the MIDI Mappings list change like below. Click MIDI again to stop mapping.