If you haven’t already, create an account first, register your LUMI Keys and redeem your LUMI Premium account at playlumi.com/start. Make a note of your new account details. You’ll need these to log into the LUMI Music app.


Downloading the iOS app via the App Store:


Download the app from the App Store here.



Downloading the Android beta app via Google Play (Early Access):


Download the Early Access app from the Google Play store here.


The official Android Google Play release will be coming soon. We’ll let you know via Kickstarter as soon as it does.



How to unlock LUMI Premium:


Your LUMI Premium code will be sent to you in an email with the subject line ‘PLEASE READ: What to expect when you receive your LUMI’, or 'Your First Steps with LUMI Keys (INCLUDES ACCESS CODE)' just before your LUMI ships. 


Go to playlumi.com/start to redeem your LUMI Premium code. If you’ve already set up your LUMI account and registered your LUMI Keys, you’ll just need to log in, then enter your LUMI Premium code when prompted.


If your LUMI was a gift, make sure whoever backed LUMI on Kickstarter for you forwards you the email with the codes. If you can’t find your code, send a direct message to us on the LUMI Kickstarter campaign and we’ll find your code for you.



Having trouble?:


Here are some useful articles that may be helpful:

Devices that support the LUMI app

Resolving Audio issues (for Android)

Resolving Bluetooth connection issues 

If you’re still experiencing problems, please send an email to lumi.feedback@roli.com detailing your device model and the issue you’re experiencing. It will put you directly in touch with our app team who will troubleshoot for you.

We know there are still some bugs and performance issues with the LUMI app, but we’re working hard to resolve them. Please keep updated your app regularly for optimal performance.