Depending on the Glide sensitivity setting and your playing technique, there are several different types of glissando possible with Seaboards.

You can adjust the Glide sensitivity setting via ROLI Dashboard, the Seaboard RISE's Glide Touch Fader, or a Touch Block attached to a Seaboard Block. 

If Glide is at maximum, you'll be able to play the smoothest possible, portamento-like glissandi. Note, however, that when Glide is at maximum you won't be able to play simultaneous adjacent semitones, so you may want to set Glide slightly below maximum.

If Glide is turned off, the following types of glissando are possible, depending on where on the keywave surface you Glide:

  • on the keywaves: slightly irregular, depending on what keywaves are touched
  • on the lower ribbon: only "white keys" or naturals
  • on the upper ribbon: all notes, chromatic