If you wish to authorize your FXpansion products without an internet connection, please simply follow the steps below:

  1. First make sure your offline computer is running the latest version of License Manager (which you can download from the bottom of your account page on the FXpansion website).

  2. Open License Manager but do not log into your account – instead, select ‘Work Offline' in the bottom-left.

  3. Select the product you wish to authorize and enter the product serial number (which you can find in the Product Downloads section of your account on the FXpansion website).

  4. Proceed, and this will save an .authrequest file onto your desktop.

  5. Copy this .authrequest file to a portable USB drive. Take this USB drive to your computer that is connected to the internet, head to https://fxpansion.com/authorize and log in to your account.

  6. Upload the .authrequest file from your USB drive as requested on the web page.

  7. This will automatically generate and download a new authorization file. Save this file to your USB drive.

  8. Take the USB drive back to your offline computer, connect your USB drive and re-open License Manager. Progress through the ‘Work Offline’ screens as before, until you reach a screen requesting an authorization file.

  9. Press the ‘Import' authorization button and locate the authorization file on your USB drive.

License Manager will now proceed to authorize the product successfully.