While NOISE is partially built upon the Equator sound engine, it also uses additional sound engines, and presets aren't transferable between NOISE and Equator. We want our instruments to be as accessible as possible across platforms, however, so please stay tuned as we continue to add new features and improvements.

If you'd like to use your NOISE creations in desktop apps, you may export your NOISE projects:

  • Navigate to "My Projects"
  • Next to the name of the project you'd like to export, tap "..."
  • Tap "Export"
  • Choose "Ableton Live Set" to export to Ableton Live or "Loops" to export as WAV files
  • Once your NOISE project has finished being exported, select how you'd like to share it

NOISE's SWAM soundpacks, including Treble Quartet and Bass Quartet, use the SWAM Engine, developed by Audio Modeling. If you'd like to use these sounds on your computer, they are available as individual plugins from Audio Modeling: https://swamengine.com/. For more details, see Using BLOCKS with the SWAM Engine and Using the Seaboard RISE/GRAND with the SWAM Engine.