Playing and recording with BLOCKS is made fun, easy and intuitive by combining a drum pad-style technique with 5D Touch technology and the unique capabilities of our powerful app NOISE.

1. Select your Solo Instrument

  1. Launch the NOISE app on your iOS device
  2. Turn on your Blocks and connect them to your iOS device
  3. Go to NOISE's Instrument View
  4. Bring up an instrument by tapping on the icons shown below and browse NOISE's Instruments for each slot by using the arrows to the left and right of the Solo Instrument's name:
    NOISE – Instrument View – navigating Solo Instruments

NOISE's Solo Instruments

The Solo Instruments contain a collection of basses, synths, pads and leads.

2. Set up and play your Solo Instrument

All sounds can be triggered and modulated in NOISE through your mobile device's screen or on your Lightpad Block in the following ways:

  1. Striking the Pads on the Lightpad Block surface hard or soft (Strike)
  2. Pressing into the Pads (Press)
  3. Tracing your finger horizontally (Glide)
  4. Tracing your finger vertically (Slide)
  5. Lifting your finger off the Lightpad Block surface (Lift)

For more details, click here.

How do I choose a Key and Scale?

You can can select your key and scale by going into Scale mode.

How do I play Chords?

To play and modulate whole chords more easily, use NOISE's Chord function. Tap on the icon shown below and switch to 'On'.

'Chord' icon

* You will not be able to play Chords with Lead sounds – click here for more details.

If you have a Live Block, you can activate and de-activate Chord mode simply by pressing the Chord button on your Block.

What else can I do?

Use Arp to turn a note into an expressive rhythmic pattern and create variety in your song!

3. Record your Instrument

Song View is one of two main views in the NOISE app. Access it by swiping down from the top centre of the Instrument View in NOISE.

Here you can select a loop slot to record to and arrange your loops into songs. The instruments are arranged in 4 rows or Tracks from top to bottom starting with the Drum Kit on top and three Solo Instruments below. There are 12 available loop slots per instrument – on the iPhone, you can view 4 at a time; you can switch sections from the 3 indicators at the bottom of your menu.

These loops can be triggered in any order to create an original song on-the-fly.

Check this guide for more details about recording with BLOCKS in NOISE.

NOISE – Song View – Loops vs. Sequence (Solo Instruments)