The DNA Connector is a proprietary ROLI magnetic connector which serves three purposes:

  1. to connect the Blocks together and hold them in place;
  2. to serve as a charging port; and
  3. to share data between Blocks.

The Lightpad Block features 2 DNA connectors on each of its four sides – totaling 8. The Seaboard Block features 2 DNA connectors (one on each side) and two on the back – totaling 4. The Live, Loop and Touch Blocks each feature 6 DNA connectors – 2 on the front, 2 on the rear, and 1 on each side.

These 6-pin connectors carry power and bidirectional full duplex serial communications and also serve as magnetic attachment points for connecting additional Blocks.

While the Lightpad Block or Seaboard Block is connected to USB, it serves as a charging hub to charge additional Blocks that are connected to its DNA connectors. The multiple DNA connectors allow for countless configurations of one or more Blocks ensuring that users can create their own unique instruments.