Seaboard BLOCK

To switch octaves simply press the left or right arrow on the upper ribbon. The left arrow lowers the current octave by 1, and the right arrow raises the current octave by 1. (If you press the Mode button simultaneously you can change presets.)

Lightpad BLOCK

Open ROLI Dashboard, apply the Note Grid mode, click Edit, and then change the octave parameter using the arrows.

If you have a Live BLOCK, simply attach it to the Lightpad, press the Octave button then adjust the octave using the + and - buttons.

Seaboard RISE

On the RISE, simply use the dedicated Octave Switch buttons to change octaves.

Seaboard GRAND

You can easily shift octaves on the Seaboard GRAND by holding down the central button on the SoundDial for a second – until the light spreads slightly – and then rotating the dial.

Press the button again to return to preset switching.