Note: bundled third-party software licenses do not transfer to secondhand owners. See this article for more details.


Every new Seaboard RISE and GRAND is bundled with FXpansion’s Strobe2, while BLOCKS are bundled with Strobe2 Player. This exciting synth faithfully models analog circuitry of vintage synthesizers and responds fully to the Seaboard’s dimensions of touch! (See a comparison of Strobe2 and Strobe2 Player here.)

strobe2 Serial Number

How to download and register Strobe2 Player (included with BLOCKS)

  1. Log in to your My ROLI account and under Strobe2 Player, click the relevant link for your operating system to download the Strobe2 Player installer.
  2. After the download is complete, run the installer.
  3. Launch Strobe2 from your Applications/Programs folder.
  4. You'll be asked to enter your My ROLI login details. When entering your details, make sure that you double-click the text fields and press Enter after typing in each:

    Strobe2 Player typing

How to download and register Strobe2 (included with Seaboard RISE and GRAND)

  1. Log in to your My ROLI account and under Strobe2, click 'Claim Your Serial'. Highlight and copy it.
  2. Create an FXpansion account here.
  3. Login to the account, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Register a product”.
  4. Paste the serial number, and click 'Submit Serial' to register your copy of Strobe2.
  5. After registering, in the Product Downloads page, you will see Strobe2 appear with a link to 'View All Available Downloads'.
  6. Click that link and download the latest installer for your platform
  7. After installing, launch Strobe2 and select 'Authorise with License Manager' 
  8. Log into License Manager with your FXpansion username and password and Strobe2 will be authorized.
  9. You're ready to use Strobe2!

Don’t forget to check out our guides on using Strobe2 with the Seaboard RISE and GRAND and using Strobe2 with BLOCKS.

Upgrading from Strobe2 Player to Strobe2

To upgrade from Strobe2 Player to Strobe2, visit My ROLI. If you have Strobe2 Player, you'll see a link to "Strobe2 discount upgrade":

Click on "Strobe2 discount upgrade," and you'll be taken to FXpansion's checkout page. Here you'll see the Strobe2 Player Upgrade. Click "Add to basket" and complete the checkout.

Tracktion Waveform 8

Tracktion Waveform 8 is bundled with every new ROLI instrument. This high-powered, MPE-compatible digital audio workstation seamlessly integrates five-dimensional expression data in a manner that is as innovative as it is intuitive.

How to Download and Register Tracktion Waveform 8

  1. Go to your My ROLI account and click ‘Claim your Serial’ under Tracktion Waveform.

  2. Follow the link which says, “Click here to redeem Tracktion Waveform.”

  3. Create and activate a Tracktion Waveform account here.

  4. Log into your new Tracktion account by clicking “My Downloads” on the page that appears after clicking ‘Submit’ or by going here.

  5. Once in your account, go to ‘My Downloadable Products,’ scroll down to ‘Individual App Installers,’ and click the applicable Tracktion Waveform 8 download file for your OS.

Feel free to check out our guides on using Tracktion Waveform 8 with BLOCKS and RISE & GRAND.

Bitwig 8-Track

Bitwig 8-Track is bundled with all new Seaboard GRANDs and Seaboard RISEs. Owners of new Seaboard GRANDs and Seaboard RISEs can use their unique Unlock code from My ROLI to authorise a copy of Bitwig 8-Track which can be downloaded after creating an account with the Bitwig website.

  1. Create and activate a Bitwig account here.
  2. Login and enter your 8-Track Unlock code, which you can retrieve from My ROLI.
  3. Once your license is registered on the Bitwig website, you will see the installer for Bitwig 8-Track in your account, download the installer for your operating system and install.
  4. When starting the application for the first time select “Login to activate” from the activation window, here you simply enter your Bitwig user credentials.

Ableton Live Lite

An Ableton Live Lite license is bundled with every new Lightpad Block, Beatmaker Kit, Songmaker Kit, and Seaboard Block Bundle.

How to Download and Register Ableton Live Lite

  1. Click ‘Claim your Serial’ under Ableton Live Lite in your My ROLI account to reveal your registration code.

  2. Click ‘Download Ableton Live Lite’ which will redirect you to the Ableton Live Lite website.

  3. Select your operating system from the drop-down menu on the Ableton Live Lite website then download the installer and install the program.

  4. After installing, launch Ableton Live Lite and select ‘Authorize with’

  5. Log in to, or create, your Ableton account and input the registration code.

  6. Click ‘Submit’, open Ableton Live Lite, and enjoy!

Feel free to check out our set-up guides on using Ableton with Blocks and using Ableton with the RISE & GRAND.

Max 7

A Max 7 license is bundled with new BLOCKS. The license is valid for 3 months from the date of activation.

Cycling ’74’s Max 7 is a very powerful piece of software, and now it supports MPE!

How to download and register Max 7

  1. Create and activate a Cycling '74 account here.
  2. Once you have a Cycling '74 account, log in to your account here.
  3. You will be asked to enter an activation code which can be found on your My ROLI account.
  4. After authorising your account, you can download Max by clicking on 'Download Max' or from the links below:
  5. When you first open Max 7, ensure that you log in so your software is authorised and you can save your Max patches.

To manage your account, Cycling '74 Support resources can help.

Downloading the BLOCKS Package

After you've downloaded and installed Max, you'll want to download the BLOCKS Package, a collection of objects created by Cycling '74 and optimised for BLOCKS.

To download the BLOCKS Package, in Max:

  • Go to File > Open Package Manager
  • Click on the BLOCKS Package or use the search box to search for 'BLOCKS'.
  • Click the 'Install' button.

Check this article for more details about interfacing BLOCKS with Max.