Using ROLI instruments' 5 dimensions of touch, you can apply playing techniques associated with keyboard, string, and electronic instruments to the Seaboard and BLOCKS.

Playing techniques include:

Strike and hold

Strike the keywave and hold for a duration without adding any additional movement.

Glide vibrato

Pressing into a keywave and holding the tip of your finger there, wiggle your finger from side to side. The pitch-bend effect of vibrato will widen the wider the arc of movement away from the stationary finger.

Glide glissando

Move your fingers along the pitch ribbons at the top and/or bottom of the keywave surfaceGlide bends can be several octaves long in either direction depending on the pitch bend range selected in ROLI Dashboard.

Continuous press modulation

While sustaining a note, increase and decrease downward pressure on the keywave to modulate the note.

Legato bend

Press and continue to hold any note on the keywave surface with one finger and play another note a half-step above or below with another finger.

Slide tremolo

After striking and holding a note, Slide your fingers up and down the vertical axis of the keywave rapidly.

Slide modulation

After striking a note, move your fingers up or down the keywave to modulate the note. For a smoother Slide, use the flat, palm-facing part of your finger instead of the tip.


After striking a note, Lift your finger off the keywave quickly to trigger a release sound.

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