When you first play the Seaboard, it might take a little bit of practice before you are able to play in tune. The fingers of a keyboardist aren’t used to having pitches in between the keys!


To adjust the Glide sensitivity in NOISE, with your Block connected and a project loaded, tap Studio, select the Block you'd like to adjust, tap "i", and adjust the Glide dial to suit your playing style..

In ROLI Dashboard

The Glide settings for all Seaboards and Lightpad Blocks may also be adjusted in ROLI Dashboard under 5D settings.

RISE: Using the Glide Expression Touch Fader

The RISE's Glide Expression Touch Fader will make it easier to play in tune while your fingers adjust to the new level of expression that the playing surface allows.

Press the RISE’s power/mode button once so that the LED is cyan. The left fader will now adjusting Glide sensitivity.

At the bottom is a piano-like response without any Glide – this means no vibratos or pitch bends.

At the top is full Seaboard mode – this means that you will need to hit the tops of the keywaves accurately to be perfectly in tune, but that the full range of pitches between are available. Note that when the Glide Expression Touch Fader is at maximum it won't be possible to play adjacent semitones (half-steps) simultaneously.

Try setting the Glide Expression Touch Fader somewhere in the middle to suit your playing style.