Does the RISE have a pedal input?

Yes, the Seaboard RISE has one pedal input. It can be set to behave as a sustain or expression pedal using ROLI Dashboard, where you can also select the MIDI CC which is transmitted by the pedal.

Can I connect the Seaboard RISE directly to an amp?

No. The Seaboard RISE is purely a MIDI controller so it doesn’t produce audio. Audio is produced when the RISE is connected to a computer (or any other MIDI device), which will receive the MIDI data and convert it to audio. The audio output from the computer or MIDI device can then be connected directly to an amp.

The RISE is bundled with Equator, a desktop application which has been designed from the ground up as a multi-dimensional synth that respond to every message sent by the Seaboard.

Can the Seaboard RISE be used as a normal keyboard?

Musicians who are considering the Seaboard as their primary MIDI controller sometimes ask:

"Can I use it like a normal keyboard; without the extra dimensions of touch?"

Absolutely! Sometimes you don't need a Seaboard, but a keyboard.

The Seaboard RISE is extremely flexible. The sensitivity of each dimension of touch can be controlled or disabled using the RISE's Touch Faders. By disabling the dimensions of touch, the Seaboard will respond just like a normal keyboard.

To use the RISE as a normal keyboard

  1. Connect the RISE to your computer via USB and open ROLI Dashboard.
  2. Under MIDI Settings select 'Single Channel' Mode and select Channel 1:


Now in Single Channel mode, the RISE will transmit all notes on Channel 1 just like a normal keyboard. The dimensions of touch will still respond but will no longer be polyphonic (click here for more details on polyphony and the difference between mono-timbral and multi-timbral instruments).

To disable the dimensions of touch (for example, to disable Press):

  1. Press the power/mode button on the RISE to put it in Expression Mode (the LED will be light blue).
  2. Bring the three Touch Faders for Glide (left), Slide (middle) and Press (right) all the way down.


Now your RISE will behave just like a normal keyboard. It is sensitive to Strike, but will not respond to Glide, Press or Slide.

Alternatively, in ROLI Dashboard navigate to the 5D Touch settings and lower the Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift dials.

What are the RISE's dimensions?

Seaboard RISE 25

  • 25 keywaves
  • 19.88" x 8.27" x 0.9" (505mm x 210mm x 23mm)
  • 6.17lb (2.8kg)

Seaboard RISE 49

  • 49 keywaves
  • 32.8" x 8.3" x 0.9" (834mm x 210mm x 23mm)
  • 9.26lb (4.2kg)

For more details

For more details on the Seaboard RISE and Equator, check out the video course "An Introduction to the Seaboard RISE" by Erin Barra.