Falcon is an advanced hybrid instrument designed by UVI. Falcon supports MPE so works well with instruments like the Seaboard RISE, BLOCK and GRAND. Falcon also provides a set of patches in its Factory Sounds bank that immediately respond to the Seaboard's 5D Touch!

ROLI Dashboard Settings

Ensure that the MIDI Settings in ROLI Dashboard are set as shown below.

We have selected:

  • MIDI Mode: MPE
  • MPE Zone: Lower
  • No. MIDI Channels: 15
  • Pitch bend range: 48 semitones

What about Glide & Slide tracking, and Press tracking? These settings aren’t important for setting up the Seaboard with Falcon.

Setting a Falcon patch to respond to MPE

Most of Falcon's Factory Sounds patches don't have multidimensional capabilities by default. To enable MPE and set these patches to respond to the Seaboard's multidimensional data, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the horizontal tabs menu on the left-hand vertical panel of your window, click on the 'PARTS' tab and select your Part of choice –  if unavailable, you can create one by clicking on the '+' sign at the top of the panel.
  2. Click to change the 'MIDI Port and channel' field to 'A Omni' – now the part will respond to all of the Seaboard's MIDI channel data. (See this article for details on MPE.)
  3. Select a patch from the right-hand panel of the screen and double-click to load it.
    Falcon – select preset
  4. On the horizontal tabs menu in the central panel of your window, select 'EVENTS'. Then, click on the '+' sign and create a script processor from the resulting menu by following: Script Processor ➝ Utilities ➝ MPE...
  5. Done – your patch is now set up to respond to the Seaboard's multidimensional capabilities! Within the script processor, you can adjust the pitch bend range, the Global Channel and provide a basic function for Press – Pressure (Z) to Gain (see graphic below).
    Falcon – create Script Processor

Assigning Modulation

Falcon allows for deep customization of its MIDI mapping – all of the parameters can be assigned to any standard MIDI message:

  1. Right-click (Win)/Ctrl-click (Mac) on the knob of the desired target parameter
  2. Use 'MIDI Learn' or select your source modulation parameter from Falcon's comprehensive list!Falcon – assigning modulation